Brand-new garage doors are a significant investment that can be difficult to justify, especially if you have a long list of house maintenance to do. 

Whether you realize it or not, the garage door is an essential part of almost everyone’s daily life. They play a crucial role in house security, storing vehicles and other valuables, and ensuring safety. You may also discover that a new garage door provides more benefits than you previously anticipated.

Real estate is a profitable sector, with millions of residences vying for attention. Installing a brand new garage door could be the key to differentiating your home from others. 

Let’s go over five compelling reasons to invest in a new garage door. 

  1. Less Maintenance

Garage door materials have varying amounts of maintenance, lifespans, and R-values. Deciding on an energy-efficient garage door material results in a greater R-value, which implies lower utility bills. When it comes to garage door installation and maintenance, energy-efficient materials include glass and steel.

When selecting a new garage door, you should evaluate how much maintenance you are willing to perform. Some garage door materials, such as wood, require more maintenance over time and perform better in certain regions. More common materials, such as steel, require less upkeep and are reasonably priced.

  1. Improve Your Curb Appeal.

You may not know how much your garage door contributes to curb appeal, but they account for a significant percentage of your home’s exterior. Most residential garage doors are steel and painted in a neutral hue, such as white or sandstone. While these garage doors are old and conventional, a modern garage door could improve your curb appeal. 

Modern doors are made of glass, faux wood, or steel, and they are painted in more vibrant colors like black and gray. When constructing a new garage door, you can tailor numerous aspects to your preferences. You can even select decorative hardware, windows, and finishes to design your ideal door.

  1. Minimal Repairs

You should have fewer garage door problems if you invest in a new garage door. Since the hardware will be new, it should work flawlessly. But for this to be true, the installation must be done correctly. 

That is why you should always pick a reliable garage door company. So, consider the one whose technicians are skilled at doing installation right the first time, quickly, and paying close attention to detail.

  1. Convenient Solution

Different companies provide smart garage door openers, so consider investing in one of those as well. These garage door openers are smartphone-connected. 

You can keep an eye on and control the garage door’s movement from your mobile phone. A lot of these openers even have security features like motion-detector lights and live video recording. Other practical features like Amazon Key are also available, which make grocery drop-off safer and easier.

  1. Higher ROI

Did you know that garage doors rank as the most highly ROI-producing home repair, according to the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report? This demonstrates that when you sell your home, you will get a higher return on your investment. A brand-new garage door is a wise investment to help you sell your home and you’ll make the most out of it!